If you love to cook and bake, and are looking for some unique recipes, I will post them here. Click on the pictures for the recipes. Note, I do not endorse all links. This page is updated all the time so check back often for new recipes. Without further ado, enjoy.  Page last updated :: Fri Nov 29 at 6:04pm ::

When you see a link on the picture - you won't be able to click the photo, instead just type that link into your google search and you'll find it.

I will try and add more recipes soon!

Lemonade Cucumber Spa Popsicles | 10 Unique Recipes To Get You Excited For Summer

This is a fun and unique recipe for swirl cookies.  I can't wait to make them!

These little bites are very addicting --- BUT they are made with light cream cheese

Bark Worth Biting :: 5 Unique Recipes for Homemade Chocolate Bark