How long have you been blogging?  Since 2011! 

How often do you post?  Honestly, it depends on the season of life I'm in.  Usually weekly or more (that's the goal, anyway...)

Have you had other bloggers write?  For a time Rachel was the co-blogger, and later on Janessa was a co-blogger. 

What happened to your Blog Index?   I've switched over to "Popular Posts" in lieu of an index.  It's much easier to update and I think it's easier to use, too.  Plus, if nothing else, it looks cleaner and more orderly! 

How do I find posts categorized?  Thankfully, we have a Popular Posts menu wherein you can search for posts via topic.  This organized index is updated frequently.

How do I search for an archived post?  You can go to archives {click here} and scroll through the pages, or you can use the Search engine located on the left sidebar. 

Cats or dogs?  DOGS!  Dogs win by far.  But to make all of you cat-lovers happier (meow to all of you out there, you know who you are!), I do love kittens.  Still, dogs win for me.