Delicious Frozen Bananas

Delicious Frozen Bananas
Blog Writers - Mon Jul 14, 2014 @ 03:16PM
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I want to share with you a fun and cool summer recipe.  For as long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of bananas, and not too long ago I began to freeze my bananas.  They are so amazingly delicious, and they make such a perfect summertime treat {especially since it's so hot out}.  On their own, frozen bananas sure are tasty, but when you add chocolate, it makes it just ten times better.  And when you add M&Ms, it's just plain cute!  It's not only easy to make, but it uses ingredients you may already have on hand.  Not only that, but it's got some nutrition in it (after all, we're using a banana) and it's just the right amount of sweetness.  Without further ado, and because I know your mouth is already watering, here is the recipe for Frozen Bananas!  

Frozen Bananas

You will need: 

Two bananas 

About 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips 

About 1/4 cup M&M's 

Make it:

Start by melting your chocolate chips in a pot.  Be careful, as chocolate burns quickly - so use low heat and stir almost constantly!  Bring it to a just melted state.  Then, peel your bananas.  Drizzle and/or drip the chocolate onto each banana, until it is fully coated.  Work quickly so it doesn't harden.  Then, sprinkle M&M's to taste on the top of your chocolate-coated bananas.  Freeze on a plastic plate in the freezer for about 4 hours (that's about how long I let it freeze for….you can do less or more, it's up to you), until the banana is frozen and the chocolate is completely hardened.  Remove from freezer a little before you want to enjoy it, so the banana has time to warm up a little bit.  (Or, you can do what I do - eat it while it's frozen solid!  It's so yummy, and very cold!)  Enjoy with a fork and knife!  Mmm.  

Switch it up and make it yours - use flavoured yogurt, peanut butter, white chocolate chips, or Nutella to coat your banana.  Then use different types of candies (perhaps Smarties), or chopped nuts, or flaked coconut, or butterscotch chips on top.  Get creative and switch up your coating and toppings for the ultimate flavour burst.

I could rave about these all day but I've got other things to do, like berry-picking {hurray for strawberry season!}, cleaning {hurray for summer cleaning!}, and good old fashioned reading {hurray for books!}.  Though I must admit, it's always a wonderful thing to know that after a busy day, a frozen banana awaits me.   

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