Attacking the Paper Pile!

Attacking the Paper Pile!
Blog Writers - Wed Apr 09, 2014 @ 03:11PM
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Are you ready to attack the paper pile?  Today we're going to talk tactic and conquer your messy stacks of paper.  

Let's go!!!!  

Get Set Up

1. Put on some music (nothing relaxing or sleepy, please)…something preppy, bouncy, and light that will get your engine revving to go.  

2. Now grab the necessary supplies.  [A recycling bag, your paper organizing system to put filed papers into, labels] 

3. Figure out a good system that works for you as far as paper and commit to it.

This post - Paper Solutions - has lots of good systems & tips. I encourage you to check it out and select a system that works for you.

Start Purging & Get Organized

1. Next up, it's time to purge.  Get rid of papers you no longer need.  Ask yourself, Am I ever going to need this paper again?  (Most of the time you will never again need to look at the paper.)  Save very important papers (like certificates, awards, final grades, and so on) but don't worry about keeping too much else.  If you're not sure about whether or not a paper should be kept, you should ask before you toss it, just incase!  

2. This tip will be a lifesaver for you….From now on, use journals to brainstorm and write down notes.  Stop using random scraps of paper!   Using scrap paper is messy, inefficient, and your desk will get very cluttered quickly.  Keeping your notes, brainstorms, and so on in a journal is a neat way to organize everything.  Then, at the end of the year, end of semester, or another time determined by you, toss out the journal.  Outdated notebooks that contain no relevance for you now should go.  

3. Papers that are definite keepers go into labelled folders or your labelled systems.  (Again, the Paper Solutions post I did awhile back has some efficient systems you can choose from.) 

Keep It Up

1. This is the tricky part; keeping it up!  A good tip is to work on your papers 2 minutes a day… like a Two Minute Tidy!  At the end of each day, file papers you're going to keep, and toss old papers.  This is not a thorough cleaning, just a quick toss.  (Remember: SPEED!)

2. Make a goal of, every month, going back through your papers and doing a larger clean (10-12 minutes).  Also. you should re-organize and re-enforce your paper filing system once a month.  

Want more organizing tips?  Go to THIS link to find out more I've written on organizing.  

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