Hello Spring! Freshening Up

Hello Spring! Freshening Up
Blog Writers - Tue Mar 18, 2014 @ 04:35PM
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This is part of my new series "Hello Spring!", a few posts that will help YOU prepare for Spring's arrival!

Hello Spring!  Freshening Up For Spring

“Springtime” and “cozy” aren’t words you’d normally pair together.  Mm, let me try again.How about “springtime” and “fresh”?Yes, indeed, that sounds more like it!

Other then cleaning your house, you should opt for looking for a few ways to freshen things up.  Here’s are a few ideas:

~ Change up the quilt or cushions. This is an easy yet often overlooked tip.  If you have a reversible cover, flip it over for a change.  Or get out a more floral quilt instead of the cozy winter one you used this winter.  Changing up the cushions is also easy.

~ Clean up the room.  This means dusting, vacuuming, wiping mirror(s), wiping down knick-knacks, any maybe even tackling the window.  You might even choose to clear out your drawers, giving them a thorough swipe.  I know this is kind of a pain, but consider doing a brisk wipe of your walls.[It’s amazing how much DUST can collect on them over the winter!!  Who knew?]

~ Use fragrance!  Again, opt for something fun, fresh, vivid, and floral.You could go for something fruity (like orange and peach) or something fainter like coconut and orchard blossoms.

~ Organize.When was the last time you organized your stuff?  I mean REALLY organized and de-junked?  Take time, even just 5 minutes a day, and go through areas of you room.  (You could do your closet, dresser drawers, bookshelves, etc.)

~ When I clean, I like to add a drop or two of essential oils (alternately perfume or fragrance, maybe even a little chunk of natural soap that smells yummy) into the water. [Just make sure it does okay on your wood and stuff.]  It enlivens the whole room, making it smell even nicer.

~ Open your window!  Even if you just keep it swung open for 30 minutes a day, you can add a TON of crisp, energizing air to your house.

Welcome spring by freshening up!

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