When Ya Feel Like Throwing in the Towel

When Ya Feel Like Throwing in the Towel
Blog Writers - Thu Mar 13, 2014 @ 03:04PM
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When Ya Feel Like Throwing In the Towel

On a Monday morning in March, two days after daylight savings time, when you are supposed to be tired and weary, I get up.

My feet hit the ground softly and without even thinking, I begin walking upstairs.

Mind over mattress!

That’s my motto, that’s my victory march song!Mind over mattress!C’mon, I can do this!

That victory song carries me on wings and I literally soar up the stairs and into the kitchen.  Then I stop suddenly.  Oh, snap.It’s dark out.  DARK OUT.  I absolutely detest waking up when it is dark out...at least most days. 

Mornings are sooo much nicer when it’s bright, or it’s sunny, or at least I can see out the window.  But today it’s almost pitch black, surely not a beautiful morning, and, to be very honest, I feel like marching right back to bed and snuggling up under my quilt.

This is when it gets hard.  This is when the victory song isn’t as easy to sing.  This is when my tongue feels thick and I don’t feel like singing.

All I feel like is going back to sleep.

Sometimes we have given in and given up.  There are times, when you and I have taken our eyes off the goal and I?  Well...I have run right back into my bed.

So today I wait a moment. Because how do you keep going, keep trusting, in the dark?

I turn on autopilot, just for a few seconds, and I grab myself a bowl. There, step 1 is already done.I muster up the strength and try and keep those eyelids open long enough to take out the breakfast cereal. Step 2 is already accomplished. One thing at a time, one little task and then the next. Not even one day at a time – just one second at a time.

I try to divert my eyes from the dark window by pouring the milk. Then I will myself to sit down.(Yes, I fight with myself. Really.  Don't you?)

Suddenly this whole getting up early goal seems pointless. P-o-i-n-t-l-e-s-s.

Oh, so very, very pointless.

Cause everyone is bound to give up at one point or another. Because three months after you’ve made a goal, it can be very hard to persevere.

But methodically, I eat.  Spoon into mouth.One at a time.Don’t think about it.  I can’t, I can’t, I can’t give in.

My tired, weary feet take me to my room and I grab some clothes.  I’m tired, too tired to think, so I just grab whatever is closest to me.Then I spot the bed.....Oh, no, no, no.I can’t.

Some how, the lyrics to a song play through my head: “There comes a moment, when my heart must stand alone, on this lonely path I’ve chosen, like a house that’s not a home.  Sometimes when I feel I’ve had enough, and I feel like giving up, you’ve willed me to be all I can be…now nothing can stop me!”

And I stop right then and there, and I make the bed.  Nope. Today I won’t give in.

So I just keep going.  He is giving me strength.  I will not, I cannot, give in anymore.

Sometimes it’s tough to carry through.Sometimes we will feel like giving up on our difficult math or throwing in the towel on the never-ending stacks of laundry and saying we have had enough. E-n-o-u-g-h.  I don't know what you are facing but it might be hard and it might seem very difficult. 

It's very much like hiking.  The way up the mountain is horribly difficult and you get excruciatingly tired, but the view at the top is SO worth it!

His grace is more than enough, too.  His mercies are new every morning.

So I keep reminding myself this - that His strength is made PERFECT in weakness.It’s made perfect!  Absolutely perfect!

When I feel like giving up, He is enough to keep me going.  If my only motivation is Him, then that’s All. The. Motivation. I. Need.

A stretch of sunlight wisps through the dark sky, and the clouds make way for the sun in all her glory.  But it’s not light out yet.It’s still dark, it’s still hard, and it still hurts.

You and I know the bare truth.It’s easy to do hard when we have something to look forward to.

But what if we have nearly nothing to look forward to?

Then He is enough!  He is our motivation.Serving Him and loving Him and obeying Him and trusting Him with all of our hearts is the only motivation needed to continue on.

You can’t give up.

On a Monday morning in March, two days after daylight savings time, when you are supposed to be tired and weary…I feel rested and refreshed.  And I feel very, very grateful that I kept going, that I did not give in to going back to sleep.

Sometimes keeping goals and resolutions is like running a marathon.  Even in the dark, even when it’s most difficult and you feel most tempted to give in to your temptations, you MUST keep going, keep pushing, keep persevering. 

When you are tempted to despair, remember that this is a sacrifice.  That sometimes sacrifice is hard, but always it is worth it.

The brilliant sunlight beams through my window and the once drearily dark day unfolds into a beautiful, bold blue.No longer do I feel like crawling into bed.I feel so glad I made the decision to keep moving, even when I did not feel like doing so.

So you and me?  We’ve got to find a way to keep pushing on through the dark.  Sometimes it will be easy (like on the sunny days), sometimes it will be hard (like on the rainy days), and sometimes it will be harder still (like on the stormy days).

But always, always, always His strength is absolutely enough.

We never have to throw in towel, and we never have to give up, when God gives us enough strength to carry through.

And on a Monday morning two days after daylight savings time, when you are supposed to be tired and weary…?I laugh giddily.I laugh because I know with all my heart that this was so worth it!I laugh because I’ve come to understand that there is no triumph without the struggle.

But most of all, I laugh and smile and grin and cheer because He showed me that He is all I need, and I know that there truly is victory in Jesus!

“For the Lord your God is He who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory!”Deuteronomy 20:4

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