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Yesterday, in part 1, we looked at the rapid rise of sugar intake.  We realized that too much sugar is not just "bad" for you, it's dangerous.

Today, for part 2, we're talking logistics and practicality.  So now, how can we reduce our intake?

1. Start by eliminating pop, or reducing it drastically.  Pop is loaded with sugar, sometimes more than 48g per cup, and it's a fast and dangerous way to fuel your body with refined sugars {not to mention a bunch of other stuff...}.  So cut down on drinking pop. Sometime I will do an Alternatives to Soda post.  {Stay tuned!}

2. Reduce your intake of donuts!  I read that donuts are not at all good for you (obviously) because it's white sugar, white flour, icing, and sprinkles... plus it's fried and greasy.  You can bake donuts with less sugar {a better alternative}. 

3. Add less sugar to your baking.  Instead of adding 2 cups, I'll start by reducing that to 1 3/4 cups.  Then I'll go to 1 1/2 cups.  So gradually reduce the amount of sugar you put in your baking. 

4. Brush your teeth often!  {No, seriously!!}  The peppermint toothpaste can help your body know that it's time to stop eating junk.  Plus, when I brush my teeth, I feel so great that I don't want to ruin the effect by eating that gobstopper or donut.  It's crazy, but it works!

5. Use natural sweeteners in moderation, such as stevia, honey, {pure} maple syrup.

6. Keep track of your sweets intake via a food journal. You'll also be able to observe when your "bad moments" are, for example, the time(s) of the day when you have a low and you really need junk.  Which leads us to the last point....

7. ...keep healthy snacks on hand for the times you resort to junk.  So if you find that around 4pm every day you grab a bag of chips, make those chips apple chips or kale chips or some healthier alternative. Or if, at 9pm at night, you reach for pop, try having homemade fruit juice around or homemade iced tea with honey.

Biggest Tip: You don't have to eliminate sugar completely, you just have to find creative ways to substitute. 

Stay tuned for Part 3 with even more great tips!

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