Spring Nail Polish Haul

Spring Nail Polish Haul
Blog Writers - Thu Feb 27, 2014 @ 12:47PM
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Today I'm going to be doing a Nail Polish haul, showcasing a variety on nail polish colors that will be coming in trend for Spring 2014.  Even though it's not quite Spring, it's never too early to begin preparing and stocking up :) 

This color, "Placid Blue", is really in.  I was surprised to see this on the list, as it seems more like a 'winter' color to me, but pastels seem to be coming back in fashion.  When I see this, I think of a calm spring morning's sky. 

A "Radiant Orchard" vintage purple color, is very in trend.  Isn't it a pretty color?

I was surprised to see "Celosia Orange" on top trend colors for Spring 2014.  It's pretty bright and optimistic, but if there's any season you should wear this, it's definitely spring.  After a long winter of blues and blacks, this orange cheers everything up!

"Violet Tulip" also makes it on the Top Colors list.  It's almost a blue and purple mix.  Cute!

Isn't this different but nice?  The color you're looking at is referred to as "Sand", and it's a light brown in a very unique shade.

This hot red, also called "Cayenne", is a bold color that looks astonishingly good on nails.  It's described as "high-pitched", which I think fits it perfectly!  :) 

This is "Freesia", a beautifully rich yellow that blazes.  I think it says "spring"!

Enter, "Dazzling Blue".  I adore this color, it looks so luxurious! 

And here we have "Paloma", an interesting greyish-brownish color that looks different yet still stunning.

And finally, this is "Hemlock", a very woodsy color that seems picturesque.  When I see this color, I think of a calm lake, or ocean, or some body of water.  It's a very pretty green. Enough said! 

I hope this gives you some unique ideas for throwing a bit of color into your spring wardrobe.  Finding clothes in these colors could be a feat, but who wouldn't love to wear a pair of charming Hemlock-inspired flats (I've seen them!), a beautiful Paloma sweater (cozy and neutral!), a Dazzling Blue headband (glorious!), charming Freesia puddle boots (talk about a splash of color!), a bold Cayenne statement necklace (wow!), a pretty pair of Sand capris (talk about spring!), a cute Violet Tulip bangle (adorable!), a bold Celosia Orange anklet (so unique!), a Radiant Orchard tee (now that is very cool), and Placid Blue pants (pretty!)?  Have fun with this color palette and get creative in incorporating these colors into your life.

{Corresponding photos: One, Two, Three, Four, FiveSix, Seven, Eight, Nine, Cayenne, Pantone Color Chart}

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