Flick Review: Saving Sarah Cain

Flick Review: Saving Sarah Cain
Blog Writers - Tue Feb 25, 2014 @ 12:08PM
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“Saving Sarah Cain” Flick Review!

If you want a movie that shows you the differences between how Amish people live and how busy NYC business ladies live, watch Saving Sarah Cain.

Sarah Cain is a busy newspaper journalist with the preconceived notion that everything she writes is newspaper worthy.Clearly, she lacks common sense.

Her boss throws away her stacks of columns, and threatens to fire her.Thus, Sarah faces a huge dilemma – she needs to write a spectacular column or else she’ll lose her job.

Providence has it that she gets a phone call from her niece.The news she hears is disheartening – Sarah’s sister has died.

So Sarah does what any good sister would do.Sarah makes the long trek home, all the while reminiscing on how she wished she would have spent more time with her.

(spoiler here) But to her surprise, at her arrival she discovers her sister never had a will.This means Sarah needs to take custody of her sister’s five children…and they are Amish.

As you might expect, bringing the children from quaint Pennsylvania to bustling New York City is a huge culture shock for the children, and they don’t adjust easily. They wake up early, recite their German prayers, and wash clothes by hand (not even noticing the electric clothes washer). In short, the Amish children bring a bit of Amish life to the crowded apartment…giving Sarah her own shock.

But not everything is bad.Through having her nieces and nephews live with her, Sarah gets an amazing idea.Why not write about how they are adjusting to the fast-paced culture?

So this she does, only in secret, furtively, without the children knowing.

She writes about a hodgepodge of their experiences in the foreign school, how they cook their own biscuits and gravy, and how they dress in their plain garb. The writing sparks interest in NYC readers, and the articles are a hit.

Sarah’s boss loves the columns, too.  So Sarah writes more.

Everything seems to be going fine on the writing front, when something shatters Sarah’s world.  The poor kids aren’t coping very well, and she knows they need to get back to Pennsylvania.Clearly, it was too much of a hope to think they’d fit in here. Even Sarah's admirer thinks so.

But there’s one major problem.  The children have no idea about the columns their aunt has been faithfully writing.

How will they respond when they discover the secret?  And maybe the children have some lessons of their own to teach Sarah...about God and faith and what really matters.

To find out, you’ll need to pick up a copy of this captivating movie!

I really enjoyed this movie, this is my second time watching it {so that in itself tells you my opinion!}.  I think it was an absolutely great storyline and I was pulled along for a wild ride!

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