My V-Day

My V-Day
Blog Writers - Sat Feb 15, 2014 @ 02:41PM
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This V-day was pretty low-key and (yay) relaxed.

We went to Costco and were able to have a ton of samples.  The lines were long, especially since it is the long weekend, but we were able to get through.  A lady in front of us bought $1499 worth of groceries!  That's way over 1 THOUSAND dollars worth of stuff.  Wow!  She had two huge buggies packed to the brim. 

Some of the samples we enjoyed at Costco: 

-pogo sticks


-potato soup (warm and oh. so. delish.)

-toasted coconut cashews

-protein shake (I had vanilla but there was also chocolate)

-protein granola bars

-sweet trail mix with white chocolate chips

-delicious onion dip with tortilla chip

-ravioli noodles in fresh tomato sauce

-chicken Swiss cheese burger (oh my goodness, this was my FAVE out of all the samples)

Yes, we have a great Costco here that usually gives out lots and lots!!  So it was great. 

In case you are curious (c'mon, admit it...) and your mouth is watering (you know it is), the Chicken with Caramelized Onions & Swiss Cheese burgers are available from Janet and Greta's.  Please, give them a try.  I went back and got two samples just because it was so amazingly good.

To wrap up Valentine's Day, I went babysitting for a couple that was going out for the special day.  I also watched a few movies and had lots of fun, so it was really a good day all in all.

Did you enjoy your V-day? 

And for your listening enjoyment, here's a video called "A Single's Valentine".  It's cute ;) 

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