Does Your Life Make Music?

Does Your Life Make Music?
Blog Writers - Mon Feb 10, 2014 @ 03:12PM
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Time! Stop time! Where do the cozy nights and sun streaked mornings slip away to? Where do the twirling days of lime popsicles and swinging on the play set fly away to?  What about the days of walking bare foot in the sand?  Or how about those lazy summer afternoons of swimming in the lake or those warm winter sleigh rides before Christmas? It seems as though people are slipping past. Moments from yesterday are already history. And time, it just won’t stop. It continues on, and on, and on…and this is how God designed it. 

Time is not meant to be passed, and it is not meant to be filled. It is meant to be courageously redeemed.

I know it well on a Sunday evening following a hectic weekend. To be courageous, I must dare to look fear in the face and declare it will not have the victory, because I have known the Lord even here in the busy seasons.

Yeah, this week, there will be busy – lots of it. There’ll be dishes to wash, deadlines to succumb to, lots of difficult math, and a bunch of scales on the instrument.

But people are watching and people are listening. They are listening to see what your song sounds like, Who your song points to, what melody your life makes.

So I ask you in all frankness: does your life make music?

That man with a name that is a mouthful (Henry Woodsworth Longfellow) probably penned it right: "Music is the universal language of mankind."

Sprawled out on my bed at 9:16pm preparing for another crowded week, I don’t feel courageous. Because? I’m not. Really, truly. But my God? He is courageous, and He fills me with a bit of that courage. It’s courage I cannot describe.  This courage gives me what I need to make my life sing.

This weekend there was black licorice and studying hard and reading big books. This weekend there was choir practice, plunking tunes on the piano, fellowshipping, and worship.  

Let your life shine; let it make music.  

This weekend - there was busy, but there was also music.  There was music because my life made music.  

You can't stop time.  

But you can make music.  

And Monday morning when the clock reads a number that proves it's so early in the morning, and the sun shines strongly in the window, I feel it well.  

This week, I will make music.

Just for today, tomorrow, and forever - let joy live loudly in your soul!  

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