February Fashion Tips

February Fashion Tips
Blog Writers - Wed Feb 05, 2014 @ 12:30PM
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Here are just a few great February tips for your outfits:

~ As much as possible, incorporate pinks, reds, whites into your wardrobe.  

~ Anything "hearts" is in.

~ Simple and casual heart jeweller (like a heart on a chain) is really trendy right now . 

~ Valentine's day hairstyles include heart shaped braids, buns, etc.  Try one out.  (www.cutegirlshairstyles.com has some great ones)

~ Cozy oversized sweaters are in trend!  Stay warm in style!  

~ Time to pull out the classic staples including black skirts, white collared tops, etc.  

~ Scarves!  Scarves!  Scarves!  ('nuff said)

~ Comfy brown boots.

~ Feminine and girly outfits.  Wear lace and frill for a cute touch.

In just four words this February, think: girly, classic, heart, festive.  

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