Headbands 101

Headbands 101
Blog Writers - Fri Jan 31, 2014 @ 12:16PM
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Some people can rock headbands!  I've never been much of a headband girl (though that goes in phases, since occasionally I'll go all out for days on headbands).  But boy can some people just look amazing with them!  I'll show you pics of some trendy headbands and where to buy. 


This headband really looks beautiful.  It's simple cream, but has a bit of glamour, too, for a vintage look.

Same kind of deal as the last one, very glamorous and natural looking.  I love it!

A sportier look, this fabric band looks great (especially on shorter hair).

Wow, this is so subtle but at the same time so beautiful!

This fun and funky headband is so cool.


Legend: $ = low price    $$ = medium price   $$$ = high end price

$ or $$ - Claire's sells lots of wonderful headbands.  The price tag is usually okay, too. 

$$ - Etsy presents handmade bands from various creators which are absolutely adorable.  The great thing is, they are very unique.

$ - Walmart carries different headbands, I find mostly sporty ones, but you can occasionally find a few pretty ones.  They also sell headwraps.  You can't beat their great prices! 

$ - Superstore surprisingly carries various bands - and they seem to have a balanced mixture of sporty ones and glamorous ones. 

$$$ - Handmade by Sara Kim brings you a beautiful online shopping experience where you can glance through tons of styles. Higher-end and prestigious! Perfect for a formal outing.

$ - London Drugs brings you cute headbands, lots of ouchless ones which are fabulous.

$$ - Miss J Handmade carries adorably unique headgear, and surprisingly their prices aren't bad!  

$$ - Emi-Jay sells great headbands in lots of gloriously beautiful colors.  Crimsons and deep shades, too.

$$$ - Summer Blossom offers a large selection of higher-end bands.  I couldn't help but mention them.  Despite the price, the bands are so wonderful!  VERY pretty.

$$ - Lemons & Lace carries lots of cute head wraps.  Their store is pleasant and cheery with lots of designs.  I was pleasantly surprised by their prices, too - they seem just right for the types of bands they sell! 

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