Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Conversation

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Conversation
Blog Writers - Wed Jan 29, 2014 @ 08:46PM
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Casual Conversation About Sally's Baking Addition Cookie Recipe

You take your crispy cookies, but I'll have my chewy ones, thank you very much.

I have always been a fan of chewy chocolate chip cookies. Did I say chewy yet?  Chewy.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.  I'm drooling!  There is nothing better then super moist, super chewy cookies ... so I decided to give these ones from Sally's Baking Addiction a try.  

I will try and keep my conversation (notice I didn't say review, I said conversation) short and to the point.  (After all, the review is only on cookies, not some political matter or controversial topic.  Although I suppose for bakers this could be a controversial topic....

Anyway, where was I?  

General Comments: Of course, I made them GF and they weren't too bad!  I didn't chill them (I was just too impatient) and they did flatten more then they are supposed to, but they taste very rich and good. Also I noticed the cooling part was paramount, as I had (again, impatiently - don't judge me!) pulled one off and ate it fresh from the oven.  It crumbled and, needless to say, ended in a big mess.  So for my next sampling, I waited about 7 minutes for them to cool (on the baking sheet) and about 7 minutes for them to cool (on a plate) before tasting (in case you lost track that's about 14 minutes of cooling).  They still were soft and chewy, but they held together much better!  The ends were also crispy, quite crispy, but not burnt.  I think the crispiness added effect.  One thing that I think may have made a tad bit of a difference was if I would have done it with an electric mixer.

What I didn't like so much: They were flat and quite unbaked.  I like chewy cookies, but perhaps these were just a bit too chewy.  But once I let them cool, they seemed much better.  

What I loved: It was an easy recipe to make!  At the end, I did enjoy this recipe.

Aesthetics: Overall, on the aesthetics side of things, this recipe's cookies didn't look all that great.  They were almost "burnt" on the edges and too soft on the middles.  Not sure why!  

Taste: The taste of these cookies wasn't exactly what I was expecting.  They were yummy, but slightly too rich for me ;)  Anyway, I did like them, but they tasted better cooled then warm.  (Which is very strange, because I usually enjoy warm cookies much better - not the case with this recipe.)  

Closing Remark: Apart from that, the making of the cookies was fun and the eating was even better!  Hurray for chewy cookies

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