My Fashion/Style Posts

My Fashion/Style Posts
Blog Writers - Fri Jan 17, 2014 @ 01:19PM
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I though it would be handy to have a section for you to view all of my clothes/wardrobe series posts from awhile ago.  As always, I am adding new fashion posts all the time so this list of links will grooow!

Closet Staples Series

{Laying A Foundation - intro to series}

Part 1 - {A White T-Shirt}

Part 2 - {A Cardigan}

Part 3 - {Three Simple Skirts}

Part 4 - {Jeans}

Part 5 - {Accessories}

Part 6 - {Black Pants}

Part 7 - {Two Dresses}

Also, be sure to check out all of my other fashion/style posts including:

{A Leopard Scarf}

{Make a T-Shirt Scarf}

{DIY Headbands}

{Hairstyle Inspiration}

{Style Inspire: Brooklyn & Bailey}

{Headbands 101}


{Easy Fall Fashions}

{3 Fall Fashion Ideas}

{Fall Scarves}


{Winter Fashion Tips}

{Three Ways to Enter The New Year In Style}

{February Fashion Tips}


{Spring Statement Necklace Haul}

{Spring Nail Polish Haul}

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