Sharing The: Healthy

Sharing The: Healthy
Blog Writers - Fri Dec 06, 2013 @ 09:45PM
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Does that word sting?  Every time you hear it, do you hear an evil hiss of when was the last time you exercised? did you drink enough water? are you eating well?  Ouch.  

But getting and staying healthy doesn't have to be difficult.  This weekend, take some time to read, absorb, and ponder these links.  (Sorry, no pictures this time, just links.)  

23 Simple Ways to Cut Down your Sugar Intake.   This link.  Has great.  Tips.  ('nuff said)

34 Tips for Drinking More Water.  I really enjoyed looking at the tips, there are some gems in here!  

16 Tips to Triple Your Workout Effectiveness.   To be honest, there is something good here for every workout type.

All About Colds.  So interesting; why not take a moment and learn a little bit about the common cold?

Make Your Own Lozenges.  This looks very, very cool - might have to try making my own this year.

That's all for this weekend friends, just a few simple links with a whole lot of information.  Have a good one - and why not try some of these tips?  

*Note: as always, I do not claim to endorse all of the tips, pictures, ads, and things on these links, and when needed, ask your doctor for advice on what works for you!*  

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