Sharing The: Organized

Sharing The: Organized
Blog Writers - Fri Nov 29, 2013 @ 06:00PM
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Hey y'all, I hope you are having a fantabulous (is that even a word? *shy smile*) weekend.   The weather here hasn't been bad recently - some sun today.  The days are short; the sun begins to set around 3:45 every day... but I'm making the most of the shorter days and cozier evenings. 

This weekend, we're talking the dreaded or the delightful (depending on what kind of person you are) topic: Organization.  Say it slowly, say it quickly.  The word might feel beautiful on your tongue, or it may feel thick and sticky.  Take some time to check out these links.

I love, love, love color coding my email inbox.  It's an absolutely genius way to keep your inbox in shape {not to mention a snazzy one}.  I am thinking of doing a post on how to organize your inbox - by no means am I an expert - but I do have a few tips.  Hmm, maybe soon?

This is a super cute way to organize crafting ribbons.  I {heart} it. 

Ah, the crazy, insane world of personal care products.  {I've been there and I AM there!}  Where to store it all, eh?  Well, this totally genius idea suggest shoe boxes (decorated in a wacky, sweet fashion) labelled and placed on a shelf.   Now THIS is a manageable project.

Suh-weeeeetttt!!!  I found out about these chalkboard labels.  Now that is such a crazy cool idea not just for food but for...well...anything.

Well that's all for this weekend, friends.  Have a good one, and who knows, maybe try and get a few organizing projects under your belt.  I'm not an organized person by nature (what do they call them, 'born organized'?  that is sooo not me). 

But isn't it a wonderful, crazy great thing to think that organization is ALWAYS just a bit of work away?  Yeah, I know we might not always be motivated, but organize one area of your life at the very least...start small...  and see where it'll take you!!!

May I encourage you {shy smile} to check out some of my organizing links? I have lots of posts about organizing {you might even call them 'tutorials'} which you can view HERE. Please check it out and enjoy.

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