Sharing The: Inspiring

Sharing The: Inspiring
Blog Writers - Sat Nov 09, 2013 @ 11:06AM
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This weekend, take some time to soak these links in.

(Yes, I know. Today I have a ton of favorites, but they were all soooo cool, I decided to leave them all in.  Have fun finding your treasure admist this cove of beautiful links.)


Window Seats.  I love windowseats, I love everything about them.  This one is especially pretty.

Fabric-Covered Walls.  A cute, stylish, and fab way to decorate your walls - with fabric!  This is neat.

Twisted Ponytail.  I {heart} this adorable look.  It's simple, yet unique, and looks very complicated.  A great twist (pun intended) to the original ponytail!  Love this.

Crowning Glory.  This is such a pretty style, esp. over top loose, rolling waves.  The flowering crown gives it an added touch - something that looks not only feminine but nature-inspired.  Wow.

Rustic Outfit.  This outfit is so great - it combines quiet, mellow colors with an outgoing belt and cowgal boots.  The bangles (can you see them?!) on her arm add a bold touch to the style as well.  Very pretty.

Jean Jacket.  This timeless wardrobe essential is back for fall/winter!  Lately I've seen many people wearing it over dresses - such a cute, preppy look that is not only laid-back but also trendy.  Get yourself a jean jacket - you'll be happy you did!

Pretty Blue Nail Polish.  Last favorite, I promise.  This gorgeous color, by Tiffany & Co., would look lovely with a jean jacket!!  This winter, I'm breaking into the lovely blue colors.  Check it out....

That's all for today.  Have a great weekend, and I hope you checked out some of the links for just a little wacky inspiration.  Cheers! 

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