Announcing: 3 Days of Anne!

Announcing: 3 Days of Anne!
Blog Writers - Thu Oct 31, 2013 @ 04:04PM
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5-6-7 Anne Party

On November 5th, 6th, and 7th (that's Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week), join us for 3 days full of Anne of Green Gables!  Get the official scoop below:

On My Blog

My blog will be the “headquarters” for this unique event (though other blogs are welcome to participate, see below).  This is where you’ll find everything Anne for three fun-packed days.  We will hear from guest writers on these 3 aspects too; so excited!

Day 1 will focus on Anne’s Wardrobe.  Her clothes, the clothes of that era, and the clothes of her friend’s and family.  Are there any styles you love? Dislike?  On my blog Meagan will be sharing a tutorial for a piece of clothing from Anne’s era!  Meagan will give you tips on how you can incorporoate "The Anne" look into your everday clothing.

Day 2 will focus on Anne’s Words.  On your blog, share your favorite quote(s) Anne “said”. I will be sharing my favorite quote, plus a free printable and more.  We'll also discuss the book Anne of Green Gables in some detail. 

Day 3 will focus on Anne’s Era.  What were trends you liked in her era?  What were trends you didn’t like so much?  Rebecca will be sharing a “peek into the life of Anne” this day on my blog, along with a special recipe from Avonlea!  

Interact With Us (Readers)

Please join right in by commenting on the posts.  On Day 1 you can tell us something you like/dislike about Anne’s clothing, on Day 2 let us know what your favorite Anne quote is, and on Day 3 share with us an interesting fact about the era!  Say hi below too.

Interact With Us (Fellow Bloggers)

If you are a fellow blogger who loves Anne - you can advertise the 5-6-7 Anne Blog Party on your own blog.

The Contest ("An Avonlea Mystery")

This might be the most exciting and enchanting part of the 3 days.  We'll be running a fun (yet challenging) CONTEST on the blog which opens November 5 and closes November 7.  Winner will be announced November 8. 

{ To view complete contest details click here }


I'll just say that I'm not disclosing everything on this annoucement - they'll be a lot of amazing surprises during those three days - only to be discovered if you check the blog on Nov 5, 6, and 7.  You won't want to miss a single day!

Answering Your Burning Question

What this 3 days of Anne is not: we are not doing this to in some way “idolize" Anne: It can be far too easy to make an “idol” (whether we want to call it that or not – that’s what we are essentially doing) of a person, whether real, fake, living, not living, in the past, in the present, Christian, not Christian, and so on.  So please – let’s not idolize Anne! 

What this 3 days of Anne truly is: this is simply a party for those who have enjoyed L.M. Montgomery's fictious (but real-like) charcter, Anne Shirley!  We are just going to have three days of discussion about this very interesting character - and whether we agree with everything about the books or only some stuff, it's sure to be an interesting and 3-day-worthy discussion.


Spread the word and join us Nov 5-6-7 for this exciting event!

Until then, say hi and leave a comment below!


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