Static Control

Static Control
Blog Writers - Sat Oct 26, 2013 @ 11:00AM
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Hey~ I have a quick question for u...  I think u mentioned u use dry shampoo somewhere on ur site.  I have hair that gets really frizzy and fuzzy, esp in the winter, and could really use some advice.  thx! 

Wow, that's an interesting question.  You're right, most people deal with static frizziness in the winter or fall, as it's quite dry out.  I'm not an expert on hair care, but here's what works:

Frizz and Fuzz (aka static) Control

  • My TOP tip for static control would be to rub a dryer sheet over your hair.  Works like a charm.  Added bonus: yummy smelling hair. 
  • A great recipe for Anti-Static Spritz: Pour warm water into a spray bottle (you can buy these at the Dollar store).  Stir in 1 tablespoon conditioner.  Keep in your bag, and whenever you see lots of static, simply spritz on your hand and rub through your hair.
  • Just misting some spray on a hairbrush and running it lightly through my hair can help, especially if your hair is fine.
  • At the end of every shower, run cold water over your hair for a few minutes.
  • Use conditioner when you wash your hair, it helps weigh down the hair and prevents static. 
  • You can buy "static-be-gone!" type of products.
  • Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, maybe with some sort of oil in it.
  • Use coconut oil.  Take about 1/8 tsp, rub through fingers, and gently glide over hair. 
  • If you use a natural hair spray, spray some in your hand, rub it on the top of your hair (roots), and wash your hands after.  This tip keeps the frizz in place.
  • Put about 1/8 tsp or less of your moisturizing lotion on the tips of your fingers and run through hair. 
  • There are oils out there, such as THIS moroccan one, which help combat flyaways.
  • This is sooo cool - I really want to give it a try.  It's frizz control in a mascara holder!  Great for when you are on the go.  (Honestly, check it out.  Even if you just want to see what it looks like,
  • If all else fails, use any of these products: L'Oreal Shampoo (click here), Living Proof No Frizz (click here), Aussie Deep Conditioner (click here), Garnier Sleek Finish (click here).


Static... be gone!

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1. Blog Writers!   |   Sat Oct 26, 2013 @ 11:12AM

What steps do you take to combat flyaway frizzies?