Fabulous Fabric Organization

Fabulous Fabric Organization
Blog Writers - Mon Sep 30, 2013 @ 10:20PM
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i!  I was just wondering how you store your fabric.  How do you keep fabric under control?  Any tips would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Great question!  As any seamstress knows, keeping fabric relatively in order can be a huge problem.  Here are some tips for you :)

Fabric Tips

* The most common suggestion online is to fold your fabric neatly and put it in some sort of bin.  But if you're anything like me, the once neatly folded pile of fabric has now slid into a huge mess.  So that does not work very well.  Instead, here's what I suggest:

* I stumbled across a great idea of using CD racks to store fabric remnants.  You can find a picture of what that looks like here.  CD Racks can be found at IKEA and various furniture stores.  Simply store your folded fabrics there!  If you have the problem above, where the neatly folded fabric avalanches into a disaster, drape curtains over the shelves so you can't see what's inside! A quote I absolutely love from an old IKEA catalogue is: If you can't see the chaos, does it really exist? 

* Another idea is to "file" your fabric or ribbon on index cards.  To see a pic of this, click here.  What a neat and nifty way to store fabrics.

* In color coded bins.  (Blue/green fabrics in one bin, brown/black fabrics in another, etc.)  This method works, so long as you keep it organized.

* In a hanging closet organizer.  Roll your fabric pieces and store.  Great thing about this is that it hangs from a rod, so if you're sewing stash is stored in a closet, your fabric can be neat and organized in there too!

* If folding your fabric doesn't work for you, roll.  It's the easiest way to keep wrinkles at bay.

* Hang your fabric up and store in a closet!  This works if you have a closet dedicated to fabric.

* Very small fabric scraps can be kept in Zippies.

For more ideas

Fabric Organization Ideas click here

I hope these tips help you get your fabric stash (relatively) under control! 


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