Paper Solutions

Paper Solutions
Blog Writers - Fri Sep 20, 2013 @ 12:51PM
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I have written before about how to organize papers, but I really think it's time for another paper organizing time again.  

Over the years I have used several different solutions for getting my papers (relatively) in order.  Here is what worked for me, in hopes it might help you.

Zip Loc Bag Method It might sound strange, but go out and buy yourself a great big package of those gallon freezer Zippies.  (You can find them at your local grocery store.)  Label each bag Receipts, Invoices, Articles, Recipes, etc.  Go through your papers (purging what you don't want) and put the remaining sheets into the labelled bags.  I then stored my zippies in a large enough file box.  

Box Method This method is aesthetically appealing, but it does require you buying lots of boxes.  You can choose from either clear stacking boxes (check Dollar Store), or you can opt for something pretty with designs on it (check Michael's craft store).  Stack the boxes on a shelf once they are labelled.  You can use each box for a certain type of paper.  An example would be, one box could be labelled Photos, another Articles, and so on.

Magazine Holders Method This works fabulous if you like color.  You can color code your papers.  For example, stick all of your Receipts in an orange holder, all of your Art Pursuits in a blue holder, and so on.  IKEA sells nice Magazine Holders.  The key is to label these.

Binder Method This is a very nice traditional way to organize papers, especially school papers, as pictured, though you can organize all of your papers in binders.  You can use one BIG binder with dividers for each category of papers, or use several small 1" binders for each category.  Label the spine of the binder clearly.  

Accordion File Put all of your papers into labelled folders and stick them in an accordion file.  This works beautifully if you are short on space, since the accordion file is relatively slim and can fit even into a little corner in your closet.

File Box I really like this method as well because it is great to use with zip loc bags OR manilla file folders.  It is also compact and you can fit lots of papers into it.  Label your file folders and put them neatly in the box to store.  It can also sit atop a desk for easy access.

Sliding Method Fabulous if you have a small volume of papers, this sliding paper storing device works great and sits atop a desk.  IKEA sells them in different colors.  Great if you don't have a lot of papers. 

I hope these different methods will help you get your papers under control.  Remember, it doesn't have to cost you a fortune to keep your papers in order!


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