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Making Yourself Available

-Right Where You Are-

Sometimes my life is pretty insane.  Most weeks I’m juggling work, school, chores, laundry, family, music, lessons, and friends…and barely keeping up.  Most times? I’m a failure, a disaster. 

That sounds horrible, doesn’t it?

And yet it puts me in the most beautiful place.  I am put in God’s sovereign hands.  And to be honest, there is no better place to be.  With Him, all things are possible.  Even when I feel totally burnt out, He is there with me, and because of Him, I can keep pressing on and reaching out and making others happy in God.

I don’t know where you are.  Maybe you have one sibling.  Maybe you have twenty.  Maybe you live in the country.  Maybe you live in the big city.  Maybe your family is famous.  Maybe you feel so insignificant.  Maybe you have hundreds of friends.  Maybe you have one.  Maybe your dad is a president of a big company.  Maybe he is a farmer.  Maybe your

But cherish the life you have.  Cherish it for all it is. 

And make yourself available to do His service.

And then be prepared! 


You have the deliberate choice, the decision, the ability, the desire to make a difference right where you are, wherever you are.  You have a choice to give love to those around you and to make a difference in the lives of others.  You can smile more.  Loosen up.  Reach out.  Bless someone.  Be open to the needs around you, look closer and deeper.And even if I make a difference in just one person’s life – this will be all worth it.

I am learning, day by day, to make myself available to Him.  I am learning to love with all that is in me. 

So cherish the life you have, love it!  Be thankful for where God has placed you, for you can serve him right now, right here.  Be ready and prepared for the tasks God may place in front of you, and do them with a joyful heart.

Don’t wait until you can be a missionary in another country.  Don’t wait until you work for a ministry. Those are all good things, but

Start Now.

Right where you are. 

With your own family. 

With the people God has placed in front of you.

Love them and bless them and use this time you have (wherever you are) to be an ambassador, a living sacrifice, for the Father. 

Maybe “doing God’s service” will be helping your mom make dinner, putting in another load of laundry, or taking your baby sister for a walk.  Maybe God’s service will mean saying a friendly hello to the new girl at church, having someone over for a meal, or doing a random act of kindness.  It might be small.  It might be insignificant.  Maybe even lame.  But be ready to do extraordinarily well at the ordinary things, and He will bless your efforts.  If you can show excellence and obedience and joyfulness in the little tasks, our King might bless you with bigger tasks.  But start by helping others in the little, trivial things in life…because we can serve the Lord even in washing dishes or taking out the trash or caring for younger siblings.  Be open to the needs around you; and seek to fill them with all of your heart, joyfully for His glory. 

God can use you to strengthen and further His kingdom.  God can use ordinary people….to do extraordinary things.  The question is, are you ready?

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