Easy Fall Fashions

Easy Fall Fashions
Blog Writers - Tue Sep 10, 2013 @ 09:01AM
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Today I'm going to take a look at some simple fall fashions that won't make you broke!

Some Easy Fall Fashions

Okay, so the first is Oversized sweaters.  A cute sweater over a pair of jeans (or a jean skirt) looks really adorable, especially when paired with boots.  If you don't like high boots, you can always opt for flats, too!  This is a really cozy fashion for fall.

The second item is A Cozy Scarf!  Scarves come in so many varities...silk, wool, plaid, fuzzy.  This Fall, opt for one that is colorful (or knit your own!). 

A Beret is both cute and practical.  It will keep you warm on chilly Autumn nights, and looks great, too.  Go for something warm and colorful, maybe a pink, orange, or red!

A Warm Colored skirt can be paired with an cotten tee or a blouse for a more formal outfit.  Pair it with flats.

Wear Flats while you have a chance (before the snow sets in).  While I don't suggest wearing flat shoes every day(esp if your feet are already flat!!), they do look adorable.  Flats come in so many shapes, sizes, and designs - so go with something you like.  Maybe get a pair of neutral ones, and one pair of more 'wild' ones (cheetah, stripes, etc.). 

Choose Nature Inspired Jewellery this Fall!  Necklaces with leaves in shades of brown, maroon, and red are popular.

Try MilkMaid (or ukranian) Braids this Autumn!  Not only are they easy (simply do two braids and pin at the top), it looks really complex (but isn't!). 

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