Saving Money PART ONE

Saving Money PART ONE
Blog Writers - Tue Jul 30, 2013 @ 10:17PM
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Alot of us want to save money...  yet we aren't really sure how. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Use coupons.  There are several ways to do this (e.g. actual clipping of coupons, or printing coupons, or using virtual "codes"). One of my favorite coupon websites is This is a fantastic website to print coupons off from.... just click and print!
  • Sign up for company mailing lists to get exclusive offers.  
  • Shop online using coupon codes.  
  • Distinguish "needs" from "wants". Keep a list of your Needs on a sticky note in your wallet, and a list of Wants in their too.  Refer to this often, especially before you pull out your money, so you can keep on track! 
  • Know how a store is set up.  This is HUGE, so listen closely: Always head to the BACK OF THE STORE first, where the biggest sales can be found.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is only looking in the very front of the store.  Stores are usually all designed the same way... the newer, expensive stuff is in the front.  As you make your way towards the middle, there are some slightly discounted clothes.  Then, when you are in the back of the store, you will find the messiest piles of really discounted clothes - in other words, stuff that doesn't cost much.  
  • Know how to sort through a sale rack.  Sale racks can obviously be the messiest part of a store - no one cares about making them look nice because they aren't making much money off the sale clothes anyway.  So look through every garment on that rack; you might just find a treasure!
  • If you find a garment has a hole in it, or something miniscule that you can live with (like a little tear), ask for a damage discount.  Most stores will gladly give you at least 10% off, if you take the time to ask.
  • Be wary of signs screaming "75% OFF!"  If you look closely, you may find that the small print reads something closer to the truth - "This rack only" or "Select items" or "Up to 75% off". Always read the small print so you know what the sale is honestly about!


Conclusion: use coupons, shop online when you can, be wary of sale signs (check into it), know how the store is set up, know how to sort through a sale rack, sign up for mailing lists that offer exclusive items, and finally keep a list of needs and wants to keep you on track. Stay tuned for PART TWO, coming soon, full of more wonderfully thrifty techniques and tips! 

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What are some ways YOU Save money?