Closet Staple #1: {A White T-Shirt}

Closet Staple #1: {A White T-Shirt}
Blog Writers - Fri Jul 12, 2013 @ 03:58PM
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A Very Important Closet Staple

I think (I hope!) everyone reading this has at least one white t-shirt. This one garment - by far - is the most versatile, practical, wearable garment out there. In my opinion, everyone should have at least one white shirt. Oh, and it doesn’t have to be a tee shirt. If you prefer, you can get a button up white shirt, a three quarter’s shirt, a white tank top, or a white sweater. It doesn’t matter – just make sure you own at least one (or better yet, two or three!) white tops, because they never go out of style…and are so pretty.

How to wear a white t-shirt:

-- With a pair of nice jeans. Nothing says "Charming Classic" better.

-- With a casual skirt. Everyday fashion, anyone?

-- With a colorful cardigan. We're talking color now!

-- With a pretty necklace. Opt for something sparkly.

-- With a super sparkly headband. Glamour girl!

-- Over top sweat pants for a very casual look that screams “Take me to the gym!”

-- With a trendy belt.

-- On top of a striped long sleeve shirt. A fascinating fashion, that’s for sure!

-- Under a jean jacket. Okay, now you can hit the malls.

-- Over top colorful pants with flat shoes – very cute.

-- With a bandana in your hair! C’mon, now, you farm girl! (Don’t forget the braids.)

-- With a string of pearls for “vintage charm”.

-- Underneath a very pretty dress.

-- Underneath a black long sleeve shirt.

-- Over top sequined pants; very snazzy.

So, you see, there are some very practical ways to wear a white t-shirt!

Tips for White Shirts:

Find a white shirt you absolutely love. Don’t pick out a white t-shirt that doesn’t quite suit you. Find one that you absolutely love, even if it means spending more than you hoped on it.

Make sure it fits perfectly. If you get it just slightly too big, it will last you awhile—and most cotton shirts shrink when put in the dryer, so you’ll get a shirt that fits perfectly.

Start a collection of white tops. You could get some white tanks, white tees, white long sleeves, white sweaters, white three quarters sleeve shirts… the options are purely endless.

Find even more ways to wear your white top. By simply googling “how to wear white shirt”, you will come up with endless ideas.

Print out the list above and tape it in your closet. When you have a list of ways to wear your new shirt, you will never run out of ideas.

Don’t forget to wear something colorful with your white shirts. This might just be the most important tip I can give you. Because you have a white shirt, you want to remember to wear something colorful with it. Don’t wear white pants and white shoes and a white hair barrette – the beauty of white shirts is that you can DRESS THEM UP with snazzy glitter pants, patterned shorts, neon shoes, bright pants, a bold headband, and polka dot socks!


Comments: 2


1. Dana  |  my website   |   Sun Jul 14, 2013 @ 08:20PM

Hi Natalie,

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Hi Dana,
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