"Tea Time"

"Tea Time"
Blog Writers - Fri Apr 26, 2013 @ 03:52PM
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Tea Time. 

Doesn't it just sound irresistibly magical? Like a beautiful little party with Alice in Wonderland, sipping from dainty little tea cups and enjoying a generous helping of scones. Or an elegant 1905 tea where everyone is adorned in pearls, beautiful dresses, and let's not forget the enormous yet fashionable hats. Tea time. A time when grown ladies sit around discussing politics, their latest sewing endeavours, and (lest we forget) temperance. Tea time. An ornate matter where the tablecloth is golden and the cloth napkins are folded perfectly.

But what does "Tea Time" look like in the 21st century? 

Here's what it looks like in our home. Dad rushing in the door from work, eager to share in this casual, fun tea. Whipping up a quick but tasty dessert in the few moments between lunchtime and the finishing of schoolwork. Trying desperately to keep the little ones from gobbling down the dessert before Tea Time starts. And, when it starts.....A happy, eager family gathered around a huge table. Mugs scattered on the table. Barefeet, blue jeans, t-shirts. A steaming pot of herbal tea. Generous slices of brownies. Giggles. Reading stories we wrote. Showing pictures we've drawn. The littlest going first and showing her adorable little picture book. Next in line are the elementary-aged kids, reading short stories or essays. Then the oldest sharing her paper. Everyone clapping. Oh, and did I mention lots of giggles?

Mmm, oh so good. Oh, no, it's not elegant. Our tea time isn't luxurious or even majestic.

And yet it's fun. And it's something we like to do every few weeks. Yep, it's our version of Tea Time.


Comments: 1


1. Anonymous   |   Wed May 01, 2013 @ 07:21PM

That's the best tea-time anyone could have!