Laying A Foundation (First Things First)

Laying A Foundation (First Things First)
Blog Writers - Fri Feb 08, 2013 @ 03:22PM
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Style. What is your style? Do you prefer jeans or cords? Do you wear skirts or dresses? Are you sporty (as in sweats), or fancy (as in black trousers)? If you are invited to go to the mall, do you throw on a pair of shorts or white capris? Everyone has a style, whether they will care to admit it or not! Nowadays, there are so many “styles” out there, it’s hard to know which ones are okay and which one’s we’d better stay away from. But before we begin on this top of fashion, there are a few VERY important things we have to go over.

1. Fashion, no matter how modest, never trumps inner beauty.

We can be wearing a gorgeous, modest dress, yet still have a scowl on our faces. Look at the picture on the left. She is wearing a very, very expensive, pretty flower girl dress, since she was a flower girl in Dutch and Duchess William and Kate’s wedding, and she’s frowning. It just wrecks the picture! We can be the most beautiful girl ever, yet snappy and grouchy. You see what I'm saying? Clothes DO matter, but what matters even more is our attitude...our heart. Have you ever seen a girl wear super cool clothes and then talk to her and find out she's actually quite mean? In this case, she is using the beautiful clothes as a "mask" to cover up who she REALLY is inside. So work on your heart attitude first. Does it line up with God's Word? Don't expect clothes to be a good mask--God sees and knows who you truly are inside. He cares more about the inside then the outside.

2. That said, the outward adornment (aka clothes) can also communicate ALOT about who we are. Clothes speak for themselves.


Although it is true that the inner girl you really truly are matters most, clothes can convey a whole message of their own! Have you ever met a nice girl who was wearing ugly clothes, her jeans had holes, she absolutely stunk (I suppose she had no idea what a SHOWER was!), and her hair was all in a mess? What kind of message did this give you? Perhaps a, "I didn’t care whether or not I put myself together” message, or an “I didn’t dress up fancy because I was only seeing you!” Or maybe even, “I’m rebelling against my parents”. So you see, clothes can portray a lot about the kind of people we are. Obviously not everything, but a lot.

3. Always seek out your parent’s advice!

Ask them what kinds of clothes you are allowed/not allowed to wear, and honor and uphold their positions. Just because I may say one thing is okay to wear doesn’t mean you immediately are allowed to wear it. Ask your parents first.

3. Now let’s get practical!


After each post, I’ll give you at least one assignment to complete: Chances are you have too much in your closet already. Today’s assignment is to go through your closet and separate your clothes into piles. (T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, and so on.) Then this week, slowly go through one pile a day and try it on. Do you like it? Does it still fit? Do you wear it often? If the answer is no, give it away. If the answer is yes to all the questions, keep it. 


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