Interview with the Blog Writer

Interview with the Blog Writer
Blog Writers - Wed Jul 25, 2012 @ 02:31PM
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Today's post is going to be an interview with the blog owner, Natalie. 

Natalie, tell us about your family.

Well I'm the oldest of 6 in my family, and I am 13 years old.  We live in the bustling city (although it would be my dream to one day be in the country or a town), and we live life right in the fast lane!

What inspired you to write this blog?

I've always been a writer.  From the time I was very young I wrote stories, my first being The Mystery of the Cat (penned at age 5).  Since then I've expanded my writing by using Microsoft Word to do all of my stories.  Though I know typed out words don't even compare to beautiful penmanship, the computer is a useful tool (if used in the right way) and I decided blogging would be a wonderful way to reach out to others.  Through blogging, I combine my love of writing and my hope to inspire other girls along the way.

What are your dreams, your hopes? 

Right now my heart is in serving my family and enouraging others through this blog.  I home educate, so I'm also of course doing my schoolwork, and I try and keep myself busy whether it be with helping with church duties (like running powerpoint), or playing violin to bless seniors, or even just giving others a cheerful "How are you?" and a smile.  My dream is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!

What does a day look like for you?

In one word...exciting!  :)  We always having something going on here.  In the fall, things are totally different and a lot more "structured", but for the summer (right now), this is my flexible day: I wake up with the sun, do my devotions, and thank God and get prepared for another day.  On days when I am feeling particularly organized :) I set a basic to-do list.  If not, I just sync up to what my family's doing and I try and make myself available to do my projects AND help them in whatever way I can.  I join my family for breakfast, then around 9am you can find me doing my shakespeare book or any projects we need to get done.  Lately I've been working on a quilt, so that takes up a good chunk of the morning!  I usually help make up a simple lunch.  We eat, and lately the younger siblings have had swimming lessons - so I get to work.  We have a landscaping/flower watering/mail collecting service and that keeps me busy as well.  Since we've been blessed with so many jobs, we're usually watering flowers for people away daily. The rest of the afternoon I get outside when I can and I work on a quick 10 minute cleaning zone for my room.  Finally we eat dinner, and the rest of the evening is "family time".  This is a great part of the day and, even though we're with each other 24/7 anyway (my dad works from home), we do our family worship and just spend time together. Then, also one of my favorite parts of the day, comes.  I spend the next hour chatting with my sister, listening to an Adventures in Odyssey or music, doing a quick tidy of my room, and reading or praying. Our days are always very busy, and I say they have a sort of peaceful chaos to them!! 

What's the biggest tip you give for other girls out there?

This is right from my heart to yours, dear friend.  Pray without ceasing.  I've found this SO helpful!!  Now I use the minutes when I am bike riding to a flower watering job, or excercising, to pray.  Don't "wait" for a time to come in the day when you are free to pray.  Because I'll tell you right now, it probably won't happen.  Instead of that, whenever you have to do a chore or something, use that as your prayer time!  Pour out your heart to God.  Tell Him everything about your life, your day.  Cast all your cares upon Him because He really does care for you.  Talk to Him; He wants to hear from you!

If you have any questions you wish to ask Natalie, please leave a comment below and we'll answer them up here.

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