Serving our Family

Serving our Family
Blog Writers - Sat Jul 14, 2012 @ 12:09PM
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Today I had an idea to write to you about serving our families.  This is something I'm not very experienced in, and I'm learning all the time to look for ways I can help my brother, sisters, and parents out in the house.  For the past several weeks I've been running on autopilot, I guess you could say.  I've been extremley busy with so many different things, and if I was to name them all, it would take up several pages.  Thankfully I'll save you the trouble of reading several pages as I think you'd get quite tired.  :)  Lately we've been involved in a lot of stuff, and to me it seems like summer is just such a busy time.  We have our landscaping business in full running mode, and we have so many jobs it's hard to keep up with them all.  We're so grateful.  We've also been doing a lot of other things, like helping our relative move, doing some house reorganizing, etc.  But on top of that all I have my own projects.  I love doing a lot of different things, but I'm especially busy with cleaning my room.  We're going to hopefully to do a little rearranging, so my days are spent planning, thinking, and just getting rid of some of the obvious trash in my room.  Other projects I have on my lists include: working on my novel, selling things online, reading, memorizing, reading the Word, exercise, drinking more water, getting to bed earlier (not so great on this one! help!), and finishing my scrapbook.  But then something dawned on me.  I should be helping my family!  There are so many ways we can help our families. Sure, we all have our own projects that we need/want to get done, but I realized that some things in my house are falling apart and as a daughter I should be helping out in little ways. 

So I have made it my goal, over time, to begin straightening out the house and assisting in whatever thing needs to be done.  I'd encourage you to do the same.  Make a list write now on a scrap piece of paper or on your computer of things that YOU should do to help out.  These are things that you aren't asked to do, but things you should do to help.  My list is pretty big, but here are a few ideas to get you started: Laundry - check to see if all laundry is done for the day, Fold clothes, Help make supper, Wash dirty dishes in sink, Mow the lawn, Help your siblings do their chores, Wipe the bathroom counter off, Check to see if your dad's desk is cluttered (if it is clean it up for him), etc... 

In real life, here's how I've been helping my family.  When I have a few spare minutes in my day I grab the list I've made and I run around the house to see if any of the things I've written need to be done.  For example, if one of the items is: Are the dishes washed? I quickly check the sink and if they are dirty I wash them. Then I move on to the next thing down the list.  Since my list is pretty big, I rarely get through it all in one day, and usually I just master a couple things (or even just one).  But by doing this, I am doing several things:

I'm opening my eyes to see what I can help with.

I'm making myself available

I'm surrendering all of the other things I wanted to get done and instead putting serving my family first

Is this easy?  Not at all!  After all, who feels like washing dirty dishes when they could rather be scrapbooking?  Some days I don't even want to do one thing on my "Serving the Family" list.  Instead I'd rather be on the internet or phoning my friends.  After all, I wasn't actually ASKED to do that chore. 

But this is all about serving.  Every day I need to do a heart check and ask myself, "Am I hear to serve or to be served?"  We all need to be put on a heart of a servant.  We also need to ask ourselves, "Am I serving joyfully or just because I should?"  Are you rushing through the serving your family things or are you cheerfully doing it?  Matthew 20:28 tells us: "even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”  Put on a servant's heart! 

So I challenge you, dear friend, to surrender your own dreams and hopes to God.  This doesn't mean you won't have time to scrapbook or phone your friends, but it means that you'll be doing your serving first and making that a priority.  We're placed in families to serve them.  We can bless them right where we are.  Stop looking for the big and lofty things - instead look at the little things you can do.  For Jesus himself said: "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much."  Are you going to be faithful with little things?  The Bible promises us that if we are faithful in the little things, if we serve our family, if we put on that servant's heart, He'll trust us with bigger things!  In eighty years will I look back on my life and say my teen years were used for God, and I served my family to the best of my ability?  Or will I look back and say they were terrible and wasted?  In eighty years will it really matter if I spent an hour a day on email, or will it matter if I spent an hour a day in the Word and joyfully serving my family?  Think about it.  Pray about it.  Then, set to work and create your own list of how you can serve your family, right where you are.  Ask God to give you strength and to motivate you to serve your family in the little things (washing the car, wiping the sink, etc.)  They aren't fun, but when we choose to serve, our feelings will follow. 

At the end of the road, after all is said and done, won't it be wonderful to hear our Saviour say: "Well done, my good and faithful servant!"

Let's choose to serve in the little things, and we will be greatly rewarded! 

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