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I am so excited!  I just got some books in the mail, and they are encouraging me in SO many areas.  It's great to be encouraged, isn't it!  I hope this blog also serves as a really good inspiration for you as well.  As always, if there is anything you would personally love to see (such as a good topic, or maybe an idea for a monthly theme) then really let us know.  We really care about what you are interested in!  Anyway, I've gained so many good ideas from these books, and I hope to share some with you.  As I was reading, God gave me a really cool idea, and I think you will really enjoy doing this project, so I'll share with you how to do it.  Isn't it super AMAZING how He works?  I needed some inspiration, and He provided me with a creative activity that would help me focus more on Him by serving others.  Here it is, and I'll call it the Walking in Faith Challenges activity.  I really hope you'll try it out, and comment below if you are going to create your own challenges and do this.  Don't wait another minute.  Start today, and begin walking in faith through this activity.
Walking in Faith Challenges
Why You Should Do This :: The Point
The point of this activity is to treat your family better, and to help your faith grow. 
Needed Items :: Gather Your Supplies!
- a stack of index cards.   You can find index cards at Superstore (check the office supplies section), Staples, or Dollarama. 
- a sharpie in your favourite colour (or use a whole bunch of different colours!).  You can find sharpies at Staples or Superstore.
- a small index card box.  You can find an index card box at Staples or IKEA.
The Next Step :: Creating Your Challenges!
After you've gathered up your supplies, set to work and grab your sharpie.  On each index card write one thing you would like to do for that day.  Write one challenge on each index card.  Here are a few to get you going: 
-Don't say a bad word today
-Treat your siblings better
-Read your Bible for 1 hour
-Pray for an extra 5 minutes then you normally pray for
-Email a friend and tell her how much you appreciate her
-Make your sibling's bed.
-Encourage someone with a Bible verse.
-Write your dad an encouraging note.
-Do some cleaning for mom.
-Take off 5 minutes of computer time and instead do something that needs to be done in your house (some examples could be washing the lunch dishes, taking your dog for a walk, playing with your siblings, doing a quick tidy of the living room, or putting in a load of laundry to lighten your mom's load). 
-Smile today at least 10 times! 
-Praise your sibling for something they did
You see, they can be super easy, but the rule is, you have to get that challenge done for the day before you can move on.  For example, if your challenge is "Make your sibling's bed" and you don't get it done that day, you have to do it again the next day until it's done.  If you do make your siblings bed, then (and only then) can you move on.  It shouldn't be too hard to come up with that many cards, since I've already given you 12 ideas, and you just have to add 9 more.  I recommend having 21 challenges, which'll last you 3 weeks, and then you can do them over again. Don't forget to number your cards so you can use them again in the same order! 
How It Works :: Using Your Challenges! 
So now that you have 21 challenges, each one written out on an index card, gather them up and stick them in the box.  Today, pull out the first one.  After you've done it, put it back in the box, but this time put it in the back of the box - behind all of the other index cards.  Tomorrow, grab the second index card, and after you've completed the challenge, stick it in the very back (behind all of the other index cards).  When you've completed your 21 challenges, the 1st challenge will be right there ready to go, and they'll all be in order!  You can do the challenges again and again as many times as you want!  Then, when you are ready for something new, simply toss the old cards and create new challenges from scratch again. 


God will bless you if you are faithful in these little things (“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much..." Luke 16:10). 

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