Go a little more natural

Go a little more natural
Blog Writers - Tue Jun 26, 2012 @ 03:32PM
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A couple years ago I switched to using at least 50% natural products.  Sometimes, that 50% will turn into 30% or even 20% natural.  But I have to keep reminding myself that the journey to better health is just that - a journey.  It isn't something that will happen overnight.  Sometimes we get discouraged because the natural alternatives to our everyday things (toothpatse, shampoo, etc.) do not work as well or are more expensive.  But if we are really convinced going natural is the thing (which I am wholeheartedly!), then we must be ready to save our money and try hard to find the best chemical-free products.  This summer try these must-haves in natural versions...

 1. Nail Polish

Piggy paint (www.piggypaint.com) is a natural, eco-friendly nail polish designed for fancy girls.  Its non-toxic, hypallergenic formula makes it safe to use on all piggies.  Piggy paint dries to a hard, durable finish.  Total drying time for polish to dry and harden: 2 minutes. Piggy Paint can be found at some specialty gift shops or by ordering online.  Click here to see how our polish compares!
2. Soap
For years I've been using Rocky Mountain Soap's (www.rockymountainsoap.com) handmade soap, and I love it.  They have tons of scents, and it's all 100% natural (no chemicals).  Rocky Mountain Soap has different variations, too, so look on the tag to find which soaps are good for your skin.  (They sell soaps for oily/acne prone skin, soaps for dry/ezcema skin, soaps for combination skin, and soaps for normal skin, so again, check the labels.)  This super great, nourishing soap (good for body, face, feet, hands, and even hair depending on the type you choose).  
3. Bath Salt
Every girl loves bath salts, and I love them if they are natural.  Thankfully Rocky Mountain Soap sells 100% natural bath salts, and they smell lovely!  There are 9 fragrances to choose from, and they contain wonderful smelling herbs.
4. Deodorant
In the summer you tend to sweat more, so why not use natural deodorant that does not contain harsh aluminum?  The best part about this stuff is it actually works!  Rocky Mountain Soap sells four beautiful-smelling roll on deodorants and they last a long time.  They work super well.  You can find these fabolous deodorants at Planet Organic or at a Rocky Mountain Store or order online.  

5. Shampoo
Would you like to care for your hair naturally this summer?  The Green Beaver company (www.greenbeaver.com) has made that possible by offering nice natural shampoos and conditioners in many different scents.  Order online. 

6. Bug Block
Most of the bug sprays contain deet and other bad chemicals, so this year go natural by using Graham Gardens (www.grahamgardens.com) fantastic natural bug block!    
7. Sun Burn Cream
It's inevitable you'll get burnt if you are not careful, so be sure to buy some of Rocky Mountain Soap's cream to combat the itch.  Simply swipe on skin.  Order online or at one of the stores.
Zesty Orange Toothpaste8. Toothpaste
Try using the Green Beaver's (www.greenbeaver.com) super cool natural toothpaste that comes in zesty orange, cilantro mint, frosty mint, green apple, and star anise flavours.  Find at Planet Organic or order online.
What are your favorite natural alternatives? 
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