8 Ways To Show You Care

8 Ways To Show You Care
Blog Writers - Mon Jun 11, 2012 @ 03:56PM
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ive things you can do TODAY to show you care!  Try one (or all!) of them out.

1. Leave a phone message for your sibling (call your own phone number) telling them how much you appreciate them! 

2. Make up a quick children's package for them.  You can do this easily using a pretty plastic bag and stuffing it with things they like.  Give it to them "just because". (Here are some ideas: card games, Bible puzzles, word searches, a pack of gum, a tin of mints, bookmarks, mini cars, a toy or game you no longer use but is still in good condition, a book, a journal, a notepad, a fun pen or pencil, funky erasers, hair barettes, colouring books, bath salts/gems...)

3. Bake them something.  What sibling wouldn't like homemade brownies or cookies?

4. Have a concession and movie night with them.  Turn on a good movie, turn off the lights, and "sell" popcorn, chips, and candies.  (Make up pretend money and give them some to spend.) 

5. Leave coins lying around the house in places.  Little brothers and sisters love to collect and "find" coins, so purposely leave them in little places they're sure to look. 

6. Sit a jar on a table and have everyone dump extra change into it throughout the summer.  At the end of the summer, use the money to go out for icecream together! 

7. Make a "Sibling Quilt". Get a plain bed sheet.  Sew some fabric backing onto it.  Cut plain fabric into equal squares.  Let each brother or sister draw a picture, write a poem, or share a memory.  Sew the squares onto the sheet.  Now you have a fun blanket you can snuggle up with together!

8. Go to a local pet store and have all of your siblings names inscribed on a dog bone (fun!) or in a heart (pretty!).  Have each sibling wear it on a chain around their neck or put it on a backpack/purse zipper.

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