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Here are some projects to rock any room - no matter what the theme is, there is something here for everyone.  Enjoy makovering (is that even a word?!) your room!

Project #1: Mirror Makeover

FIND IT: You'll need an assortment of knicknacks and doodads (such as odd game board pieces), a mirror with a frame, nontoxic craft glue that dries clear, cardboard or plastic bag for protecting work area, paintbrush for spreading glue.

  1. Mirror Mosaics   - Step 1DO IT: Cover your work surface with cardboard or a plastic trash bag to guard against spilled glue and ease the cleanup.  Lay the mirror flat and, working a section at a time, generously spread glue on the frame using a paintbrush or foam brush and then press on the objects. You can arrange the items in an orderly fashion or overlap and layer them with some parts extending beyond the frame edge -- anything goes. And don't worry about stray drops of glue on the glass; they can be easily peeled or scraped off once they dry.  When you've finished decorating the entire frame, allow the glue to dry thoroughly (it will turn clear) before hanging the mirror.


Blossoms and Beads:
Costume jewelry, silk flowers, sequins, and ribbon wrap up this floral design.Variation 1
Metal Craze:
For a collage that shines, combine old hardware with coins and brass buttons.Variation 3

Project #2: Flower Lamp


For an even more personalized, changeable look, you could slip photos under the ribbons. (As with any lampshade, use only the recommended bulb.)

FIND IT: You'll need a lamp with a barrel-shaped shade, scissor, ribbon, hot glue, fabric flowers.  
DO IT: Cut the ribbon into lengths 1 inch longer than the height of the lampshade. At both ends of each length of ribbon, dab on hot glue and make a tiny fold to seal the edges.  Starting at the shade's seam, attach the ribbon to the inside top edge with hot glue. Flip the shade over, pull the ribbon taut, then glue it just inside the bottom edge. Repeat as you work around the shade, placing ribbons 1 1/2 inches apart.  Trim the backs of the flowers so they lie flat. Affix a flower to the end of each ribbon with hot glue.


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1. Janessa   |   Thu Mar 01, 2012 @ 09:32PM

Awesome lamp and mirror ideas Natalie, I LOVE your cool posts!!!