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Welcome to Post #1.  This is the starting point of your journey to a better room!  Fill out this survey (you can even print it, if you want) and fill it out honestly.  Read each question and circle the answer (a, b or c) that describes your room best.

Your Room Survey

How would you rate your room overall?  

a) nice and clean, peaceful, serene, and I love it!

b) okay, nothing too spectacular, has a bit of clutter.  It's okay.

c) terrible....I can't even make it to my bed there is so much junk!  It's not good!

Do you remember the color of your carpet?

a) Of course!  I can see it every day.

b) Well, I think it' red...I'm not quite sure.

c) I can't remember - there's too much junk all over it!

What is on your dresser?

a) A few decorations, photos, and some cool memoirs.

b) Empty soda cans, a few wrappers, and a few pictures of my friends.

c) My gym clothes from last Tuesday, a stash of garbage, receipts, broken photo frames.  

If you could change one thing about your room, what would it be?

a) Nothing.  It's perfect!

b) Maybe get a nicer bed quilt and a new lamp, and organize the under-the-bed stuff.

c) Everything.  The closet is a disaster, the floor is dirty, and my bedstand is overcrowded.  I'd change everything!  

When friends come over, where do you normally hang out?

a) My room, of course!

b) Usually in the living room.  

c) Outside...the farther away from my room (or disaster zone)...the better.

If you answered:

Mostly A's = your room is really clean and peaceful.   Keep up the good work!   

Mostly B's = your room is not terribly clean or terribly messy.  With a little elbow grease, you can get it looking even better in no time!  

Mostly C's = your room needs a total makeover.  Your stuff is creeping up on you, and you need help! 

Continue reading onto "PART 2" of this post once you have completed the survey.  Part 2 of this post will be posted shortly.

Comments: 1


1. Natalie   |   Mon Mar 05, 2012 @ 09:46PM

Thanks for completing the survey. Part 2 is now posted, so please go back to the *Blog* page and click *Part 2 of LET'S GET STARTED!* for ideas on how to makeover your room. Please note: we hope to have 4 posts for the month of March, but some posts are split into 2 parts. Also, we strongly encourage and support you commenting on this blog. We want to hear from you. So please comment on any (and all) posts. You can actually comment on what you liked about that specific post, or if you have further ideas feel free to share them. Have a great time reading our posts and get commenting! We can't wait to see what YOU have to share!