Interesting Facts about Butterflies

Interesting Facts about Butterflies
Blog Writers - Wed Feb 01, 2012 @ 01:57PM
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  There are many interesting things to know about butterflies, such as:
  -Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and graceful creatures on earth. Some poets describe them as 'winged flowers' or 'flying gems'.
  -Caterpillars, which destroy crops and get into fruits and leaves, can cause harm, but butterflies are a help by pollinating flowers and plants.
  -Besides beetles, butterflies have the most diversity between each other than any other creature in the animal kingdom.
  But what should be our point in studying God's creation? It should be a lesson to bring us closer to Him. How can butterflies do that?
When a caterpillar comes out of its egg, its only goal in life is to grow. It eats and eats. Then, when it is done growing, it has to face vulnerability and- basically a lonely death.
  At that time, everything must seem bleak to the caterpillar. Eat and eat, grow and grow, for what? Death? Yet it does the essential preparation, until it is just a small blob hanging precariously from a twig. Suddenly, something amazing happens. Changes begin to happen to it, turning it into something beautiful.
  From the little piece of helpless mush comes a beautiful creature. It no longer needs to grow, small butterflies will always be small, and big butterflies were never small. This slender and beautiful creature flies away- something its never done before...
  So how can this help us as Christians?
We are in the growing stage right now [reading the Bible, praying, & seeking God all help us to grow]. We are not anything to look at- even a full grown caterpillar can never be pretty -But we know that one day... We shall be changed... and ..This corruptible must put on incorruptible...
  Just remember, our job as growing will not be done until we are called home.....home to stay!
  Don't worry about it if you find it difficult to fly here, just look forward to the day we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as HE IS!!!!!
 Thank you for your time
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