Welcome, 2012!

Welcome, 2012!
Blog Writers - Mon Jan 02, 2012 @ 01:52PM
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Welcome, 2012!  This new year alot of gyms will see thousands of people working out every day.  This new year McDonald's will see less and less people eating at it.  This new year a lot of skiing and hiking resorts will be loaded.  This new year a lot of health food shops will be bustling.  ....Up until February.  Then, February 1st hits.  A lot of gyms will see thousands of people cancelling their work-out passes.  A lot of McDonald's will be loaded again.  A lot of skiing and hiking resorts will be very quiet, and a lot of health food shops will be out of business.  Do you see my point?  So many people make resolutions to do this and that, but by about February few care about their work out scehdules or eating healthier.  My challenge for you this new year is to stick with whatever you resolve.  But before you can stick with it...what exactly are some good resolutions?  

Eat healthier--a few ways to eat healthier is by getting more organic food.  Our family takes delight each week in getting our organic, local food delivered to us by a truck.  http://theorganicbox.ca/

Attend a few workshops; become more informed--Planet Organic's all over offer helpful workshops that give insight.  Some workshops that I have attended are: eating gluten free, how to make raw cookies, and how to make natural lotions.  http://planetorganic.ca/

Read your Bible more--A good reading plan can be accessed here: http://www.biblegateway.com/resources/readingplans/ and you can choose which translation you want to use and which testament (old or new) you want to read.  

Sing the Bible!--The best songs come straight out of the Bible.  Pick up a Psalter or try one of the following website.  The Bible Study in Stereo ( http://www.tbsis.com/ ) is what I use since it also helps me memorize Scripture.  

Get more organized--A good place to start getting more organized in your room is by using these two resources.  The first resource (http://flylady.net/c/flykids.php?tzm=420) is a daily kid's challenge.  The second resource (http://www.flylady.net/i/pdf/student_coj.pdf) is a student control journal.  Check them out to help you get more organized.  

Do more Bible-based computer games-- Check out the 3d Bible Project.  http://3dbibleproject.com/en/default.htm.  You will be able to see a 3d model of Noah's Ark, Moses' Tabernacle, Solomon's Temple, etc.  Very cool!  Another great idea is: http://www.duggarfamily.com/makaziville.  Watch the video to see what it is all about, then sign up (free) to start this Biblically wonderful game.  

Drink more water--see my post "A Nation Deprived" for details.  

Happy 2012!



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