What is Faith (guest post)

What is Faith (guest post)
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What is Faith

First of all, Faith is believing. Believing in Jesus Christ;
that he came down to earth through a virgin birth,
That he died for our sins and bled upon the cross,
That he defeated death by rising again the third day,
and that now he is in heaven, at the right hand of God.

Faith is putting your complete trust in God.

Faith is praying, and just knowing that God is there,

that he cares, and that he is worthy of all praise.

Faith is seeing a rainbow, and just knowing that God keeps His promises.

Faith is watching a sunset, and just knowing that God put it there just for you to enjoy.

Faith sees the might of God, when viewing a mountain.

Faith sees the peace of God, when watching a stream.

Faith believes when all say "There's no hope"

Faith perseveres when all say "Quit"

Faith holds on when all say "Let go"

Faith puts its whole trust in God and throws itself into His loving arms, and just knows that He will catch you and lovingly forever keep you, His alone. Faith sees all God's creation and knows that whatever happens, God will always be with you,

Yours lovingly,


guest poster on "Life in the Fast lane"

It's been a pleasure, I hope I can write again soon!


When things get hard don't go by feeling,

When things are tough don't go by sight,

'Cause faith is when you're believing,

Choosing the path that is right.


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Heb. 11:1

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