Organizing: We all have too much stuff!

Organizing: We all have too much stuff!
Blog Writers - Thu Dec 22, 2011 @ 02:06PM
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1. Realizing the problem

Stuff.  We all know we have way too much of it.  Yet it seems even after we declutter for the millionth time we still have more.  It piles up on us.  Strangely, it never actually goes away.  We put it in the garage to give away.  Yet somehow it creeps back in.  If you don't realize how much stuff you have, grab all of your belongings and put it into a small, tiny space, like in a closet.  See what I mean?  We all have too much stuff.

2. Let there be victory!

You can really win the victory during the "war" between stuff and you.  How?  It's not simple, but it is possible.  Eliminate stuff you don't want.  Literally arm yourself with a garbage bag and fight!  Memories can stay, but remember: is the memory really in the souvenier or is it in your heart?  Don't be ruthless, but remember to keep only the truly beautiful, meaningful things.

3. Now organize.

Once you have the majority of your meaningless stuff OUT, choose how to keep the meaningful things IN.  Boxes, decorative suitcases, paper filers and baskets work.  One tip: keep it neat but still pretty.  If you are one of those people (yours truly) who can't afford fancy, top-grade organizers, don't stress.  Keep it simple.  Decorate cardboard boxes with wrapping paper.  It works!                       

4. Finally, relax. 

Studies literally show that if we have too much stuff we get stressed.  So by letting go some things, don't let is surprise you if you feel better!  Less stuff to worry about means less to clean and more time to do other (better) things!!  

Comments: 1


1. Janessa   |   Thu Dec 22, 2011 @ 06:00PM

Very good point!.. I also am one who does not have lots of money to spend on fancy organizers, and I love your Idea about the boxes!