This Time Around

This Time Around
Blog Writers - Wed Dec 21, 2011 @ 04:41PM
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I was recentley listening to Paul Brandt, a southern Alberta Christian country singer's song "This Time Around".  The song itself has no actual official music video but you can listen to this on Youtube.  Here is the video:

Here are the lyrics.  This song shoes how we need to really hold on to You (God) and how times goes by so quickly.  "Don't let a minute pass you by".  I can't stress enough the importance of making the most of each minute.  Time flies.  We realize it at funerals.  We realize it at weddings.  At birthdays.  But on "normal" days we don't realize how fast it is flyin' by!  Make the most of it, and enjoy this song.

This Time Around Lyrics

This time around / Is the only time you get / Like an hourglass / That can't never be turned again/ Once it's done / All you are is who you've been / So Sink or swim / I'm diving in / This time around 

This time around / Gonna love with all my heart / Do my best / Not to finish where I start / No regrets / Set my course among the stars / No looking back / No point in that / This time around 

Each waking moment's what you make it / Don't let a minute pass you by / This is the only chance so take it / All you have to do is spread your wings and fly /This time around (2x) /

All I ever want to do / Is hold on loosely / To everything but You / And at the end / After all that we've been through / I'll know in my soul / I had it all / This time around 


The lyrics really show us that we should jump in and make the most of this evil, corrupt world.  We need to spread the Good News each wakin' moment, and hold on to Jesus.  Make the most of your time.  Sink or swim, I'm divin' in!  Are you?!  




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