An interview with Mary

An interview with Mary
Blog Writers - Sat Dec 17, 2011 @ 12:16PM
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Sandra: Hi everyone and welcome to the Advent Times, a newspaper that features Advent.  I get the privelege today, in this exclusive article, to interview Mary.  (Of course this is a factitious interview!)    So Mary...tell us about you! 

Mary: I was bethrothed to Joseph.  But before we were married, an angel of the Lord came and spoke to me. 

Sandra: How exciting!  What did he say? 

Mary: Well, at the time it wasn't exciting - in fact it was terrifying.  But the angel told me not to be afraid.  He also told me that I was to have a child, and His name was to be Emmanuel, which means God with Us. 

Sandra: So what happened next? 

Mary: I was very worried.  After all, I was so young and I, just a plain girl.  Why did God choose me? I wondered. 

Sandra: What an amazing thing that God should choose you. 

Mary: Yes, He did it to fulfill His purpose.  I almost couldn't believe what was happening to me as the child grew inside me.  But a decree was taking place, so Joseph and I wandered to Bethlehem. 

Sandra: This is the exciting part, isn't it?!  So you had the baby in a warm, cozy hospital, right? 

Mary: Actually, no.  I had the baby in a manger because there was no room for us in the Inn. 

Sandra: [gasp] Oh my!  So it wasn't a perfect birth, was it?! 

Mary: Like I said, it was God's plan, not mine. 

Sandra: Well, that was a great story. 

Mary: Please...wait!  That is not the end!  I gave birth to Jesus, and He grew.  The most exciting part of the story actually was that He really WAS the Son of God, and He died on the cross for our sins.

Sandra: [coughs] Ugh, well, um.... [embarrased]....well, I thought the best part was His birth - that's why we celebrate Christmas anyway.  Not to talk about the cross. 

Mary: I disagree.  Jesus's greatest work was done of the cross, and then He rose again 3 days later!  If we believe in Jesus, we will be forgiven of our sins.  It was a wonderful, amazing experience to be a part of God's plan! 

Comments: 2


1. Janessa   |   Sun Dec 18, 2011 @ 06:24PM

I love it! It is very important for us all to remember that the babe in the manger was also the man on the cross, and today the risen Savior!

2. Natalie (blog moderator)   |   Wed Dec 21, 2011 @ 04:38PM

Thanks, Janessa. I thought I'd share the real meaning. After all, it's all about the cross.