November 2011 Fashions

November 2011 Fashions
Blog Writers - Sat Nov 19, 2011 @ 06:05PM
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Fashion #1                                     
Professional: Group a white, plain t-shirt with a black tank top for a professional look.

Trendy: Wear a wild, funky t-shirt (think polka-dots or stripes) with a plain white or black tank.

Pretty: Throw on a white t-shirt with a dazzling, sequin tank top to shine! 

Fashion #2

Professional: Toss on a white tank with a black cardigan. Ready for the photos! 

Trendy: To make up a glam look adorn yourself with a trendy cardigan and a neon green or purple tank. 

Pretty: If you want style but no fuss, wear a brown cardigan wtih a white tank.  Instant glamour! 

Fashion #3

Professional: Sport a white dress with a black cardigan.  Add a striped scarf for style, and wear black shoes. 

Trendy: If you desire a trendy but warm look, add a knitted beret, scarf and a colorful dress with plain tights. 

Pretty: Wear a beautiful, long, draping scarf with the dress and tights.  Go for soft, warm colors. 

*I hope you have a great time picking out modest but beautiful outfits this November!*

Comments: 1


1. Meagan  |  my website   |   Sun Nov 20, 2011 @ 10:49PM

Number #2!