Welcome, August!

Welcome, August!
Blog Writers - Mon Aug 08, 2011 @ 02:20PM
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I would like to introduce you to a great friend of mine.  Her name is August.  She is 7 months older than me, and though I only see her for 1 month each year, I really like her alot!  Do you know who I am talking about?  Ok, ok, I shall tell you: the month of August - she's finally here!  Welcome, August! 

The month of August is a great time to learn new things before the schoolyear.  Never cleaned a bathroom?  Ask your parents to show you.  Want to cook dinner?  Learn now!  It's a great month to learn new things that you'll take with you through the school year and years to come! 

Not enough time to do a skill?  "Lil' Chunks of Time" is an expression I made up.  This helps you use little bits of free time to do something efficient!  Here is what my list currently consists of:

What I can do in 5 min: Wipe desk off, Pick up room, run around outside {jog}, take a picture

What I can do in 10 min: Read 1 chapter of book, knit 8 rows, call grandma, harvest herbs, dust, shoot an e-mail.

What I can do in 12 min: Make more flour mix, do one post, weed herb garden, call a friend.

Whenever I have a free tidbit of time, I can refer to the above list and choose one item, depending on how many minutes I have.  Get the idea?  It's fun and an efficient use of your time!  Boredom away!

Have fun in August learning new things and making your own "Lil' Chunks of Time" list!


Comments: 2


1. Shannon  |  my website   |   Tue Aug 09, 2011 @ 06:01AM

Well, what I generally do with my free time is different every day. Most of the time I will play with my sister,go on the computer, or hang with a friend. Some days though I knit or bake. However, there is all kinds of time in between so I create something new to do then.

2. Grace   |   Wed Aug 10, 2011 @ 09:28AM

I was wondering how many "followers" or website readers you have?

IN reply to your above comment, that number right now is confidential and only available to us the blog moderators. We have quite a few followers and that number is growing every day almost! Please continue to follow. Thanks,