Summer: Cooling Your House Naturally

Summer: Cooling Your House Naturally
Blog Writers - Fri Jun 24, 2011 @ 01:11PM
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1. Open your windows before 8am daily.  Keep your windows open in the wee hours (around 6am-8am) of the morning to let cold air in.  Then, close your windows after 8am.

2. Close your windows after 8am daily.  Keep your windows closed after 8am, since the temperature is now rising at this time.

3. Close your blinds & drapes.  Close your blinds all day, because the sun's heat will enter through windows.

4. Turn off the TV.  This is a good real for two reasons A) it's summer - no time to watch TV and B) it actually heats up your home!

5. Leave laundry for nighttime.  The heat will leak into your house from the dryer, so do laundry before you hit the sack!

6. Hold off on cooking.  BBQ, make cold salads or wraps instead.  Your oven/stove make a lot of heat.

7. Turn off your lights.  Who needs electricity's light on a hot summer's day?

8. Plant a few trees outside.  It'll give you extra shade you need.

9. Put a fan in your window.   Put a small fan that we occasionally set on the window sill to blow the cooler outdoor air in while you sleep. During the day turn the fan around and use it to blow hot air out when it gets too warm upstairs.

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