Summer: Goals

Summer: Goals
Blog Writers - Thu Jun 23, 2011 @ 10:49AM
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What goals do you have this summer?  Lately alot has been happening here.  Of course, we have soccer 2x per week.  Then, we just finished music lessons.  Finally, we are still finishing up a few things including math/science/grammar, or at least I am.  Everything else for the summer is free!  So I made a mini summer schedule.  You can see the schedule if you go to 'Archives' and find that post.  I wanted to ask you...what do you have planned for your summer?  Summer is a great time to learn new things and work on projects.  Once I saw a sign on our local nearby school in September.  It read: "Welcome back to learning!"  I almost rolled over in laughter, because don't you learn all summer?!  Yes.  Here are some projects that you may want to try/learn this summer. 


-Ice cream making - yum!

-Breadmaking - practical.

-Computer skills - practical.

-Cleaning the bathrooms - very practical!


-Story writing

I encourage you to try one of them, and feel free to let me know how it goes!!

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