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"Name Tangles" are a fun way to create a cool design using your name or another word of your choice. Try adapting this idea for a unique greeting card design!


  • 9x12 white construction paper
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Black markers, fine and broad point

1. Use large stick letters to write your name, beginning with the first letter touching both the bottom and left side of your paper.

2. Draw your next stick letter so that it touches both the first letter and the top edge of your paper.
3. Draw the next letter in the same way, this time touching the 2nd letter and the bottom edge of your paper.
4. Repeat this process, alternating with touching the top and bottom edges, finishing with your last letter also touching the right side of your paper.
5. Now draw an outline around each stick letter and fill it in with black marker, so the letters are nice and thick.
6. Finally, use your fine point marker to fill in the negative spaces inside and around your letters with line patterns or fill with solid colors for a "stained glass" effect.


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