5 Summertime Fun Activities

5 Summertime Fun Activities
Blog Writers - Thu Jul 03, 2014 @ 12:18PM
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1. Make an obstacle course!

This is a fun activity to do with your siblings.  Create your very own obstacle course, using tires, swings, slides, ladders, etc. outside.  Then, show your siblings (or friends) what they must do.  For example: Run up the ladder, do five jumping jacks, swish down the slide, jump over the sidewalk, step inside the tire and spin around 3 times, then touch the swing.  Have races and contests to see who can complete the obstacle course the fastest! 

2. Make your own smoothie!

Try a smoothie out.  Add your favorite frozen fruits, such as berries or mangos, for a cold and refreshing treat.

3. Read outside! 

Do you have a book?  A lawn chair or a blanket?  A pair of sunglasses? Then you're set!  Take your reading, or even devotions, outside to enjoy the fresh sunshine. 

4. Start a summer project!

Start a project - whether it be sewing, an easy craft project, knitting, or card making - and commit to working on it for half an hour every day.  One summer I was able to create a pretty quilt, simply by determining to do a little bit each day.  What would normally have been a large and daunting task turned out to be not that hard after all, and at the end of the summer, I had a beautiful quilt to show for it all.

5. Challenge yourself!

What is something that is just plain ole difficult for you?  Is it running?  Or biking?  Or sewing?  Or journaling?  Or cooking?  Pick something to focus on this summer, and aim to master it.  If you chose running, aim to run for a few minutes every day, then gradually increase your endurance so you can run half an hour or more.  If you chose journaling, start by writing a journal once a week, then twice a week, then more often.  If you chose cooking, pick up a cookbook of something you like to eat (Italian food?  Mexican food?  Cakes?  Cookies?  Casseroles?) and pick just one recipe to try.  Soon, work your way through the entire cookbook, creating the food and learning how to cook.

Enjoy summer.

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