Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
Blog Writers - Thu Dec 26, 2013 @ 04:50PM
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Dear readers,

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas remembering not only His birth but His earthly ministry, His death, His resurrection, and how one day He will return.  We serve an awesome Saviour!  And to think it all started one night in Bethlehem. 

If you need to keep your fingers busy during the holiday break, check this out.  I wanted to share this Starburst Crown Braid hair tutorial.  I thought it is absolutely adorable and am hoping to give it a try.  It looks like the title should be "practice makes perfect " - as this definitely does not look easy.  That said, it does look cute.  (My theory is anything that's cute is worth trying, regardless of how hard it is!)  Here goes...

As is always the case around this time of year, I have been busy with Christmas traditions with the fam.  Last weekend, I was also in our Christmas play, which was a whole lot of fun.  Apart from that, eating way too much chocolate, working out, reading books, listening to music, and watching movies.  A few days ago we went to the library to stock up on some reading material for the break.  I've been completely absorbed in one book!  It's so good. 

Also, I took the time to post a short disclaimer at the bottom of my blog for whenever I share links / videos / photos / sites.  Check it out! 

By now you probably know that we have taken a break on the {Sharing The...} posts for the Holidays. 

Oh, before I forget.  Stay with us as we unveil the ultimate blogging plan 2014.  There may be some exciting plans and big changes for this blog, so please stay tuned.  And, without further ado, enjoy this blissful holiday break!

Enjoying the holidays with you,

The Life in the Fast Lane Blogging Team

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