DIY Toner

DIY Toner
Blog Writers - Tue Oct 08, 2013 @ 01:35PM
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Toners are so important to use, experts say, but it can be costly (not to mention unhealthy) to buy commerical toners.

So how's a girl to make a go of using a toner when a) she can't afford buying one and b) doesn't want all the chemicals? 

Make your own.  The recipe below should be stored in a cold, dark room to make it last longer.  As always, different people have different skin - so test beforehand to make sure your skin is not sensitive to it.  

Life in the Fast Lane Blog Toner Recipe

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup filtered water {you can use a Brita filter to do this}

-- Combine the two liquids in a clean jar, shake well.  

-- To use: simply pour some onto a cotton ball, gently rub in a circular motion on face, and allow to dry.

-- Use 1-2x a day depending on how often your skin needs it.

-- Remember to always test a patch of skin first to be sure your skin does not react to the new toner.

Why we love the apple cider vinegar: our easy toner balances pH levels in the skin, allowing for a smoother, more even complexion.  It also lightens sun/age spots, improves acne and scars, minimizes the appearance of your pores, and dissolves dead skin cells!  

Why we love the filtered water: it reduces any kind of wrinkle on skin, gives you softer skin, flushes out harmful toxins, helps skin retain it's natural moisture, 


Can I just use regular, from-the-tap water?  Yes, you can.  However, we love the filtered water because of all it's health benefits {see above}.  You can use a Brita filter to do this (Brita filters can be purchased at Superstore or another large grocery shop) inexpensively.  

Is this healthy for all ages to use?  Certainly it is good for all ages, however teenagers and young adults, especially those with oily skin, will most benefit from this toner because of it's acne-reducing effect. However, if you are younger (or older) and still want to give it a go, we suggest diluting it with more water, since skin oils balance out when you get older.  

It's too strong for my skin.  What should I do?  We suggest adding 1/4 cup more water and using the toner less often,more like 1x/day. 

It's not strong enough for my skin.  What should I do?  We suggest adding 1/4 cup more apple cider vinegar {give or take a little} and use the toner 2x/day.

Can I add scent to the toner?  Yes, you can add green tea, lavendar essential oil, tea tree essential oils, etc.  Remember, always add natural scents not fragrances or perfumes, as they could be harsh and irritating to skin. You can also add rosewater.

We hope you enjoy using our lovely skin toner.

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