There Is No Place Like Home

There Is No Place Like Home
Blog Writers - Tue Sep 17, 2013 @ 11:52AM
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There Is No Place Like Home

The plane soars thousands of feet in the air and I have a book in my hand.  But I’m really not concentrating on it.  I’m gazing out at the varied landscapes across my country.  We pass mountains on the horizon—those tall, glorious ones!  I see huge lakes that seem so superior to any I have ever spotted.  Oh, and I must not forget those emerald forests—tall, bushy swarms of green trees.  Yes, there were little farms too; not very big stretches of land - very narrow and skinny - yet still quaint.

But as we pass the tall grass, the blue lakes, the towering purple mountains, the rolling hills, the thick trees—I know that something is not quite right. 

We’re on the last stretch of the journey.  Finally.  And then I look out—out to the landscape around us.  And I see it, clear and strong, before my eyes.  The Prairie.   

It starts as a few small squares of land. The landscape shifts from massive lakes and grizzly mountains to wide, open spaces.  And then the land is golden before my eyes, those tall, amber waves of rolling grain.  Blue skies.  Great and big farmers’ fields, plowed in straight rows. Sun shining in my eyes.

I feel it strong and clear and sure inside of me.  I know the word I have been searching for.  Amidst these vast and rolling prairies that seem to carry on for thousands of miles (without end!), I know where I am.  Home.

It was once said that there is no place like home. 

As Laura Ingalls Wilder, another prairie girl, agreed: “Home is the nicest word there is.”

With a smile on my face, the plane lands. I’m still, quiet, not daring to move.  The pilot announces it’s time to get off the plane and get our luggage, but to be honest, I’m not concentrating.  I’m still staring out the window, my eyes sparkling.  Could this beautiful land really, truly, actually, totally, amazingly, be my home?

Suddenly I feel as though I could run with the amber grains that grow so tall and the meadows that bloom so beautifully.

And I know, with all surety, that…

I’m really home.

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